High-voltage, high-speed planar-passivated, NPN power switching transistor in a full pack plastic package for use in high frequency electronic lighting ballast applications

Features and Benefits
  • Fast switching
  • High voltage capability of 700 V
  • Isolated package
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Electronic lighting ballasts
Quality, reliability & chemical content
Type Number Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ/Nom Max Unit
PHE13005X VCESM collector-emitter peak voltage VBE = 0 V     700 V
IC collector current DC     4 A
Ptot total power dissipation Th ≤ 25 °C     26 W
hFE DC current gain IC = 1 A; VCE = 5 V; Th = 25 °C 12 20 40  
IC = 2 A; VCE = 5 V; Th = 25 °C 10 17 28  
tf fall time IC = 2 A; IBon = 0.4 A; IBoff = -0.4 A; RL = 75 μ; Th = 25 °C; resistive load   0.3 0.9 µs
IC = 2 A; IBon = 0.4 A; VBB = -5 V; LB = 1 µH; Th = 25 °C; inductive load   0.1 0.5 µs
IC = 2 A; IBon = 0.4 A; VBB = -5 V; LB = 1 µH; Th = 100 °C; inductive load   0.16 0.9 µs
Type number Package Packing Product status Marking Orderable part number Ordering code (12NC)
PHE13005X SOT186A
Horizontal, Rail Pack DOD Standard Marking PHE13005X,127 9340 606 03127
PHE13005X/01 Volume production PHE13005X/01,127 9340 660 84127
Type number Ordering code (12NC) Orderable part number Region Distributor Order sample
PHE13005X 9340 606 03127 PHE13005X,127 NA NA  
PHE13005X/01 9340 660 84127 PHE13005X/01,127

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Chemical content Orderable part number Type number RoHS / RHF Leadfree conversion date MSL MSL LF
PHE13005X PHE13005X,127   PHE13005X Leaded H   NA NA
PHE13005X/01 Leaded E   NA NA

Chemical Content - PHE13005X

As a proactive and sustainable company, WeEn Semiconductors has decided to publish chemical content information of its product portfolio through direct Internet access. With this information, we can provide data to our customers to facilitate any assessment regarding compliance to the RoHS directive and lead-free status. WeEn Semiconductors has set a standard in the semiconductor business with this detailed level of data, directly retrieved from its general product database. WeEn Semiconductors products are compliant to the EU Directives RoHS, ELV and the China RoHS.


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