Silicon Carbide MOSFET in a 3-lead TO247 plastic package, designed for high frequency, high efficiency systems.

Features and Benefits
  • Low on-resistance
  • Low on-resistance
  • Optimized for fly-back topologies
  • 15V/0V gate-source voltage compatible with fly-back controllers
  • 100% UIS Tested
  • Controllable dV/dt for optimized EMI
  • Reduced cooling requirements
  • RoHS compliant
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Auxiliary Power Supplies
Quality, reliability & chemical content
Type Number Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ/Nom Max Unit
WNSC2M1K0170W VDS  drain-source voltage  25 °C ≤ Tj ≤ 175 °C     1700 V
ID  drain current  VGS = 18 V; Tmb = 25 °C     7 A
Ptot  total power dissipation  Tmb = 25 °C     79 W
Tj  junction temperature   -55   175 °C
RDS(on)  drain-source on-state resistance  VGS = 18 V; ID = 1 A; Tj = 25 °C   750 1000
QG(tot)  total gate charge  ID = 2 A; VDS = 1200 V; VGS = 0 V/18 V; Tj = 25 °C   12   nC
QGD  gate-drain charge   5   nC
Qr  recovered charge  ISD = 1 A; di/dt = 500 A/μs; VDS = 400 V; Tj = 25 °C   38   nC
Type number Package Packing Product status Marking Orderable part number Ordering code (12NC)


HORIZONTAL, RAIL PACK Volume production Standard Marking WNSC2M1K0170WQ 9340 730 06127
Type number Ordering code (12NC) Orderable part number Region Distributor Order sample
WNSC2M1K0170W 9340 730 06127 WNSC2M1K0170WQ NA NA  

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Chemical content Orderable part number Type number RoHS / RHF Leadfree conversion date MSL MSL LF
WNSC2M1K0170W WNSC2M1K0170WQ WNSC2M1K0170W Leaded  D always Pb-free    

Chemical Content - WNSC2M1K0170W



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