WeEn Semiconductor Ltd. Customer Information about SOT223 supply situation and Improvement Plan 2017/18 – Update 4

Dear Customer,

It is my pleasure to inform you that by end of Q2 2018 the allocation for SOT223 parts has been eased and lead time step by step will reach targeted level of 8-10 weeks by Q3 end.

As reported, our core remedial actions included building up in very short term additional capacities in qualified Assembly Sites. I am extremely happy to report, that within 1 year our capacity has increased from 220m pcs in 2017 to 360m pcs in 2018 and further investment to double our capacity in near future.

However, with March 2018 the last shipment from our long term BE partner in Guangdong ATGD has been prepared. There is no chance to extend the supply relationship and all further shipments will have to come from our new partner.

The WeEn Sales Manager and our Customer Relationship Team will answer any question you might have and assist you in managing the new supply situation.

I like to thank you for your confidence and patience and appreciate your support in solving this critical supply challenge.

Yours Sincerely, 

Markus Mosen 
CEO of WeEn Semiconductor