WeEn CEO Markus Mosen Won the Contributor of the Year in 2020 World Electronics Achievement Awards

WeEn Semiconductors announced today that WeEn CEO Markus Mosen received the “Contributor of the Year” in WEAA. WeEn 1200V SIC MOSFET also won the “Power Semiconductor of the Year”. Thanks again for all the people who have voted for us in past months.

Markus Mosen Awards.jpg

Due to the Covid-19, Mr. Markus Mosen cannot arrived at Shenzhen and he made a short video to express his gratitude to receive the “contributor the year” by WEAA and said “ it’s not only a recognition to myself, but also to the whole company and the effort of the team to be the successful player in the industry”.

Markus Mosen has more than 28 years professional experience in managing global Business and Product Lines in the Semiconductor Industry. With his extremely keen market insight, Markus has laid the foundation of technology-based development road since he joined WeEn as CEO from the start of the company in 2015. Within the first months after creation of WeEn he lead the team to develop and set up Sales & Marketing offices in China, Asia-Pacific, EMEA & Americas, expanding the global footprint of WeEn.

At the same time, WeEn 1200V SIC MOSFET also won the “Power semiconductor of Year”.

Power semiconductor of Year.jpg

WeEn 1200V SiC MOSFET product uses exclusive self-aligned planar gate process which exhibit high conduction and high reliability performance, providing excellent switching performance and robustness in harsh conditions. In addition, benefit from the ultra-thin wafer technology and compacted cell design, WeEn SiC MOSFET product exhibits very low specific on resistance in the field.

WeEn 1200V SiC MOSFET contain various RDSON specifications which including 160mΩ\80mΩ\40mΩ\25mΩ etc. which are assembled in TO247-3L, TO247-4L and D2PAK-7L packages. WeEn SiC MOSFET could be widely used in the SMPS, solar inverter, EV charger, EV motor drives etc. Comparing with other competitors in the market, WeEn SiC MOSFET always possesses high threshold voltage and low on resistance performance even at high temperature.