For a more Reliable, more Efficient UPS - A Power Discrete Solution from WeEn Semiconductors

The development of the Internet+ and a strategy for big-data in China has meant that the requirement for cloud storage has grown significantly. In order to meet this need, the construction of large numbers of data centers has also led to a rapidly increased usage of Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS). WeEn Semiconductors, in response to this market trend, has developed its own power discrete solution for the UPS application which includes WeEn's most advanced Power Diodes & SCR products.

WeEn Semiconductors has launched the 1200V Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) for use in AC-DC rectifier, Battery Charging/Discharging & Bypass applications for UPS. Thanks to the industry's most advanced planar technology, WeEn's 1200V SCR products can provide best reliability with superior "inrush current and noise immunity capability". At the same time, the maximum operating junction temperature, Tj(max), of 150C can bring more thermal margin to the UPS design. At present the released BT155 series has VDRM 1200V & IT(AV) 50A capability. The next developments will be IT(AV) 60A & 80A SCRs which are planned for launch in 2017 Q2. These products can be packaged in TO-247 & TO3P: the most popular packages for this application.

WeEn Semiconductors have also launched a series of Ultra-fast and Hyper-fast Power Diodes. These products can be used in Power Factor Correction (PFC), Battery Charging and 3-phase Inverter applications for UPS. Also, the new SABERTM series - based on WeEn's Platinum doping technology - can provide ultra-low leakage current, high operating junction temperatures up to 175oC and also bring the benefit of a higher level of thermal stability to the application. Aiming at the market for 3-phase modular UPS, WeEn can provide the BYC60W-600P and BYV60W-600P which are 600V/60A power diodes in TO-247. The BYV60W-600P has lower VF, suitable for the single module 30KVA - 60KVA 3-phase UPS and the BYC60W-600P has a faster reverse recovery capability and is more suitable for 20KVA - 40KVA 3-phase UPS. Additionally, in order to satisfy higher power density applications, WeEn have also released the BYC75W-600P which is a 600V/75A power diode in TO-247.

For the range of low power single phase UPS, WeEn Semiconductors has a wide portfolio of 600V, 8A-75A power diodes. In order to provide an even fuller range selection, new developments will focus on 1200V Ultra-fast & Hyper-fast diodes for wide use in the low power UPS application market.