WeEn Dongguan warehouse officially opened!

On July 5, 2021,WeEn Dongguan warehouse officially opened. This warehouse is close to Shenzhen and Hongkong, with a well-developed road network and airports, and a fast response time, which can provide global customers with flexible logistics support.

WeEn Dongguan warehouse is twice larger than the previous Hongkong warehouse, and it had already completed about 300 pallets of inbound receiving and around 30,000 PQ of outbound delivery in the past three months during the trial run.

WeEn Dongguan warehouse sets up both duty-paid and bonded warehouses, and it also provides the possibility of future collaboration with customers and agents in various modes (e.g. VMI/consignment, RMB trading), etc.

Dongguan warehouse will take over the Hongkong warehouse, while the latter will be closed this month.


WeEn Dongguan warehouse officially opened