2019 Global Electronic Achievement Award – “Winner”


WeEn Semiconductors
1200V Silicon Carbide Diodes
2019 Global Electronic Achievement Award - “Winner
"Power Semiconductor" - Product of the Year Award
Industry-Leading Technology


On November 7, 2019, at the Global CEO Summit held by ASPENCORE, the world's largest electronic information media group, WeEn Semiconductors' 1200V silicon carbide devices won the "Power Semiconductor of the Year" award, highlighting theirinnovative leadership in the power semiconductor industry.

The Global Electronic Achievement Awards are designed to recognize companies and managers who have made outstanding contributions to innovation in the global electronics industry. A jury composed of senior editors from around the world and a group of users from Asia, the United States and Europe jointly selected the winners. On November 7, 2019, the winners of the major awards will be officially announced at the “Global Double Summit”held in Shenzhen, China.

The companies and products nominated by the Global Electronic Achievement Awards are industry benchmarks. WeEnhas won product awards in the global user participation competition which demonstrate the agility and creativity of WeEn in the ever-changing world of technology and competitive global markets. At the same time, it also reflects the high recognition of customers and industry colleagues for the global multinational team of WeEn.


Focusing on the field of power semiconductors, WeEn has a heritage of more than 50 years, with global sales centers located in Greater China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. WeEn supplyproducts for smart home appliances, electric vehicles, computer communications and other markets as well as providing reliable and professional technical support to customers in their respective market segments.

The company's silicon carbide diode products are designed by a team of experts with more than 10 years of experience in SiC technology. This know-how combined with their expertise in packaging and applications fuels their on-going development program to enrich theirever-growing portfolio of SiC devices.




Compared with silicon-based diodes, the award-winning WeEn 1200V silicon carbide diode series has low reverse recovery charge, high junction operating temperature capability (Tj(max) = 175 °C) and a stable and extremely fast switching performance at high frequency. Using SiC diodes allows power conversion systems to operate at higher frequency. This reduces the weight and size of magnetic components and increases PSU power density. High forward surge capability (IFSM) and high capability on UIS stress ensure high ruggedness and robustness compared to other components in the market. Replacing silicon diodes in associated SIC-MOSFET and Si-IGBT modules leads to reduced power losses. There are also reduced cooling requirements due to high thermal performance and a reduction in EMI due to minimal reverse recovery time.

Constantly innovating and developing their silicon carbide diode products, WeEn Semiconductors aims to bring the benefits of SIC technology to more applications.Their leading-edge 1200V SiC diodes, enable high performance solutions for a wide range of applications and answers the demands of customers forapplications in Power Factor Correction, Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), UPS, PV inverter and Motor Drives.


2 As a global leader in the power semiconductor industry, WeEn has focused on developing an industry-leading, broad and deep portfolio of power semiconductors including: Silicon Carbide Diodes, Silicon Thyristors and Triacs, Silicon Power Diodes andSilicon High Voltage Transistors.  WeEn is committed to providing power semiconductor products with high durability and low power loss for customers in consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. At the same time WeEn seeks to assist customers improve cost-effectiveness and productivity and promote the development and innovation of intelligent-manufacturing for industry in China and around the world.  WeEn Semiconductors’ mission is to provide customers in different fields with the world's leading power semiconductor solutions and help them achieve project success. 


WeEn’s development of 1200V silicon carbide diodes demonstrates the ability of WeEn Semiconductors to seize the opportunity for providing higher value products and innovative solutions in the power semiconductor marketplace.