High voltage, high speed planar passivated NPN power switching transistor in a SOT54 (TO92) plastic package intended for use in high frequency electronic lighting ballast applications, converters, inverters, switching regulators, motor control systems, etc.

Features and Benefits
  • Fast switching
  • High voltage capability
  • Very low switching and conduction losses
  • DC-to-DC converters
  • High frequency electronic lighting ballasts
  • Inverters
  • Motor control systems
hFE [typ]
IC [max]
Package version
Package name
Product status
Product Parametric
Type Number Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ/Nom Max Unit
BUJ100 VCESM collector-emitter peak voltage VBE = 0 V     700 V
IC collector current       1 A
hFE DC current gain IC = 0.75 A; VCE = 5 V; Tlead = 25 °C 9 14 20  
tf fall time IC = 1 A; IBon = 200 mA; VBB = -5 V; LB = 1 µH; Tlead = 25 °C; inductive load   50 70 ns
Type number Package Packing Product status Marking Orderable part number Ordering code (12NC)
Package details  
Bulk Pack Volume production Standard Marking BUJ100,412 9340 555 72412
Ammopack, Radial BUJ100,126 9340 555 72126
Quality, reliability & chemical content
Chemical content Orderable part number Type number RoHS / RHF Leadfree conversion date MSL MSL LF
BUJ100 BUJ100,412   BUJ100 Lead-free D week 5, 2005 NA NA
Lead-free D week 5, 2005 NA NA
Ordering & availability
Type number Ordering code (12NC) Orderable part number Region Distributor Order sample
BUJ100 9340 555 72412 BUJ100,412 NA NA  
9340 555 72126 BUJ100,126
VCESM [max]
tf [max]
@ IC
Orderable part number
BUJ100,412; BUJ100,126

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