Applications Engineer / Technical Specialist (Thyristor/FRD/Schottky/TVS/ESD/MOSFET; IGBT/SiC) (Stockport, UK)

Job Location
Employment type

Job Location:

Stockport, UK

Main Purpose of the Role:

To become the principal authority on Thyristors, after mentoring, for applications and their interaction with circuit designs, to support worldwide business creation, development, and continuance and to grow knowledge and expertise in other WeEn technology platforms and their applications as required. It is a technical specialist role that supports customers with analysis, problem solving, recommendations and training.


This role is highly technical, requiring the jobholder to have an educational and employment background in electrical and electronics engineering. The role requires effective team working, obtaining services, and pursuing priorities through peers who are not his/her subordinates and who may be part of a different organization. He/she must also have a keen sense of market awareness. Working experience in technical support / development with BSc or above in Electrical, Electronic, Semiconductor Engineering or Physics. The job holder must be willing to travel to a certain extent.