CDI Ignition for Combustion Engines


Market Demands

· CDI = Capacitive Discharge Ignition
· Motor Bikes and Scooters without EFI (electronic fuel injection) need a CDI module
· A CDI module is also used in 2-stroke engines for chain-saws
· High reliability is a must for the module
· Electronics must be able to withstand high temperatures
· Space reduction and lightweight solutions

Application Focus

WeEn Solutions

· WeEn SCR’s are Planar Passivated, for best high voltage and high temperature ruggedness
· The Planar process gives narrow parameter spread
· Small Through-hole and SMD packages are available
· Very sensitive gate versions available

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System Overview

Highlight Products

Silicon Controlled
Rectifiers (SCRs)

· EC103D1W in SOT223

· EC103D1 in TO92