Careers at WeEn

WeEn is constantly pushing the envelope of technology and that requires talent

Innovation Changes Life

Our values here at WeEn are based on five acronyms R.E.S.P.E.C.T(R – Respect, E – Engagement, S- Success, P – Performance, E – Excellence, C – Commitment, T-Trust). When joining the WeEn family you will realize this is not just a catchphrase, it is the driving force that motivates us in crafting the future of bipolar power.

With WeEn you will have the opportunity to work for a key player in a thriving market within the semiconductor industry. That means the chance to excel both personally and professionally. We understand the array of talent out there in the world today, some already outshine the rest and others can be nurtured to be great.

WeEn may be new but the foundations were set long ago with our experienced workforce. Join now and we can help you imagine, innovate and invest in an inspiring work environment.

If you feel you will be a perfect fit with our company culture, send us your CV at or visit WeEn LinkedIn through